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Image Research Guide: Course Image Groups/Folders

A guide for finding and using images and where to get help.

Subject Guide

Nancy Smith
Raether Library,
Level A, Rm.A38

Course Images

Digital review units have been created in the ARTstor image database for students enrolled in art history and certain other Trinity courses.  Each course folder contains groups of images shown in class, organized by topic or lecture.  If your instructor has created a password for the folder, follow the instructions below using the password you have been given in class.  If the course folder is not password-protected, follow the registration instructions below, but then go directly to OrganizeOpen Image Group, browsing to the desired folder.

Also see Youtube video tutorial on viewing course image folders in ARTstor

Accessing Course Image Folders in ARTstor

Start by creating an ARTstor registration:

      1.    Enter ARTstor ( while on the Trinity campus network. Click on Enter The ARTstor Digital Library.

      2.    In the Log In area at the upper right corner of the screen, click Not registered?

      3.    A registration form will appear. Enter a valid email address and password of your choice (no symbols or diacritics).

     4.    Click Submit.

      5.    You will automatically be logged in to your new account. The Log In area will change to display a welcome message and your email address.

Note:  After creating an ARTstor registration you will also be able to access ARTstor when off the Trinity network, simply by entering your logon credentials.  As a registered user you may access ARTstor off-network for up to 120 days at a time.   Each time you log on to ARTstor while on the Trinity network the balance resets back to 120 days.  This feature allows you to access and study course image folders while away from campus, without logging onto the Trinity network via VPN or Shibboleth.

Unlock your instructor’s course folder:

     1. Register or log in to ARTstor.

      2. Click Find > Unlock password-protected folder.

      3. Type your first and last names and the password for the folder, then click Submit.

      4. The confirmation window will display the name of the folder and your access rights.

      5. From this point forward, the folder will automatically be available to you whenever you are logged in to ARTstor. Simply go  to Organize > Open image group.  Click on the plus sign next to the course folder  to see the list of image groups in the folder. To open an image group just double-click on the name of the group, or single-click and then click Open.

      6. Double click an image thumbnail to view the full image, or single click on the thumbnail caption to view complete image data.  In full image view, you can use the icons below the image to print, save, zoom or view data.  Image groups may also be printed out by going up to Share menu and selecting a print option.

  For help contact Nancy Smith, Image Collections Librarian, at x4061 or  Or visit us in Image Collections & Services, on Level A of Raether Library, down the hall past Watkinson Library.  Hours: 8:30-4:30 M-F.  Lisa  Corson, Manager, x4084.  Image Collections Desk x2194.

ARTstor Mobile

ARTstor Mobile is available on Android & Apple mobile devices to registered users. For Android, go to on your device, click "Enter here" & then install the free app.  For Apple devices no app is necessary. ARTstor Mobile provides read-only features such as searching, browsing, zooming & viewing saved image groups. Flashcard View lets you test your knowledge by viewing an image without text info & then flipping to reveal the image record.

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