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Library Resources, Budget and Policies: New Library Resources FY 2019

Library resource updates, policies, projects, and wish list items

New Library Resources Added FY2018 and FY2019

The Library adds new resources by either one-time purchase (preferred) or ongoing subscription.  A one-time purchase may require a yearly service fee.  A new subscription may require cancelation of other resources in order to free up funds. Unspent funds from the materials budget were used at the end of fiscal year 2018 to buy Vogue Archives and Women's Magazine Archives as a one time purchase.  Unspent funds can't be carried over into the next fiscal year.  The Moore fund endowed for Far East studies was used to buy China Academic Journals Series F current + archives, as well as the Japan Times archive. 


Resource Title Provider Discipline Purchase Model
American Institute of Physics Journals AIP Sciences Special offer w/existing subscriptions: 3 year agreement
Women's Magazine Archive Proquest Humanities, Social Sciences One time purchase w/annual access fee
Vogue Archive Proquest Humanities, Social Sciences One time purchase w/annual access fee
China Academic Journals East View    Humanities One time purchase of series F, Moore fund
Financial Times Online FT All Subscription/site license
Japan Times East View Humanities, Social Sciences One-time purchase, Moore fund
Palgrave e-books current & archive SpringerNature Humanities, Social Sciences One time purchase, no annual fee
ProQuest Historic African American Newspapers Proquest All One time purchase with annual fee
Springer e-book archive SpringerNature All One time purchase, no annual fee
Washington Post Historic Archive Proquest  All One-time purchase w/annual access fee and updates

Please let us know if you would like the library to consider purchase of a new resource. Generally we will arrange a trial and then solicit feedback from the Trinity community.

Decisions will be based on:

  • Budget and availability of funds. It is generally easier to make a one-time purchase than an ongoing subscription.
  • Importance to the curriculum.
  • Uniqueness of content.

To make a request send email to:


Wish List requests FY 2020

Faculty and student requests will be posted here as received.  One-time purchases are preferred, and the library will evaluate based on available funds.

African Newspapers (Readex) (purchase)

Brill's New Pauly (purchase)

China Academic Journals Series C (Moore fund; purchase archives with annual updates; under review)

Manchester Guardian (purchase)

Proquest Dissertations & Theses (subscription)

New York Times site license (NEW subscription Nov. 2019)

Washington Post site license (NEW subscription Nov. 2019)

To add a request send email to: