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Library & Information Services for First-Year Students: Seminar Librarian

Services, resources, and staff in the Library and Information Technology Center who can help you in your First Year Seminar.

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Your First-Year Seminar Librarian can answer questions on doing research in the library and services we provide. Find your Seminar below, and then click on the librarian's name for more information about how to contact them.

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Faculty Course Name Mentor Librarian
Valentino, Erin Art & Identity Politics Curtin, Doug Amy Harrell 
Palma, Giuliana Introduction to Italian Language and Culture Spagnuolo, Dylan Amy Harrell
Spezialetti, Madalene BFF or Strange Bedfellows? Cohorts, Compromise, and Political Destiny Gray, Meaghan/Culhane, EJ Amy Harrell/
Joelle Thomas
Catrino, Joseph Social Media: The Complexity of Communication in the Digital Age Levy, MacKenzie Amy Harrell
Jones, Jason The Humanities in a Digital Age Honeycutt, Lucy Joelle Thomas

Hager, Christopher

Tarsa, Becca

Letter-Email-Text Message

Exploring Digital Spaces

Thompson, Haley

Nicolas, Becky

Joelle Thomas

Erin Valentino

Delano, Pablo Digital Documentary Photography; Photographing Hartford, Our City. Gentry, Jasmine Erin Valentino
Dunlap, Kent Ethical Dilemmas through Film Lasky, Elise Erin Valentino
Andersson, Tanetta Understanding sociology through film Filpo, Chris Erin Valentino
Figueroa, Luis Gateway: The Cities Program- Thinking about Cities Peterson, Austen Erin Valentino
Antrim, Zayde Arabian Nights Halila, Yassine Erin Valentino
Georges, John Mathematical Ideas and Changing Times Wang, Shufan Erin Valentino
Geiss, Christoph Nature Photography and Conservation Hamilton, Emily Erin Valentino
Polin, Mitch Gateway: InterArts - Art and Artists Mueller, Hayden/Smith, Diana Rose Erin Valentino
Hubert, Rosario Turbulent Topics: Brazil in Literature and Film  Cao, Minying Erin Valentino
Any, Carol The Brothers Karamazov Jarvis, Samantha Jeff Liszka
Theurer, Kari The Self and Human Nature Sbarge, Emma  Jeff Liszka
Lestz, Michael Peoples and Cultures of the Himalayas von Weise, Warren Jeff Liszka
Ring, Richard  The World of Rare Books Safran, Sofia Jeff Liszka 
Platoff, John The Beatles and the 60s Haynes, Lydia Jeff Liszka
Rutherford, Ethan The Plot Thickens: Tension and Immediacy in Fiction Blankinship, Mica Jeff Liszka
Kippur, Sara Life Stories: Francophone Hartford Browner, Seth Jeff Liszka/Joelle Thomas
Bilston, Sarah Harry Potter and His Literary Forebears Khanna, Mallika Jeff Liszka
Ayalon, Michal Introduction to Hebrew and Israeli Culture Hochberger-Vigsittaboot, Jade Jeff Liszka
Ewegen, Shane Gateway: Humanities Gateway Program - Philosopical Themes Western Culture  Novko, Kathe Jeff Liszka
Brindle, Cheyenne HIV/AIDS: Science and Society Dorcin, Melindy Jennifer van Sickle/Joelle Thomas
Blackburn, Daniel Evolution, Sex, and Human Nature Griffith, Maura Jennifer van Sickle
Parr, Maria Bones, Pigments and Native Metals: A Scientist’s Guide to Art and Archaeology Smith, Rachael Jennifer van Sickle
Cheng, Lin The Science behind DSP Avagyan, Mariam/Dahal, Prawesh  Jennifer van Sickle
Draper, Alison Gateway: ISP - The Process of Discovery Naragon, Tom Jennifer van Sickle
Cadogan, Jean France in the Age of Cathedrals and Kings Alisberg, Maggie Nancy Smith
Curran, Kathy The City as Work of Art Kotvova, Marketa Nancy Smith
Schneider, Arthur Games of Strategy and Predictably Irrational Behavior  Vogel, Nia Rob Walsh
Alcorn, John Sports Connors, Sarah Rob Walsh
Szembrot, Nichole Controversy in Economic Policy McElligott, Bobby Rob Walsh
Del Puppo, Dario Cycling, Sustainability, and the City of Hartford Craney, Steven/Munroe, Denzel Rob Walsh
Evelein, Johannes Cycling, Sustainability, and the City of Hartford Craney, Steven/Munroe, Denzel Rob Walsh
Lefebvre, Thomas The Dilemma of International Intervention  Ostrowski, Jack Rob Walsh
Notar, Beth Borderlands of East & South East Asia Granirer, Ursula Rob Walsh
Chambers, Stefanie Theories of Leadership Butler, Henry/DeJoie, Olivia  Rob Walsh
Reuman, David Understanding and Reversing Prejudice and Discrimination Lee, Lisa (ji Yun) Rob Walsh/Joelle Thomas
Smith, Gregory The American Founding: The Philosophy of American Constitutionalism Fields, Jay Rob Walsh

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