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Library & Information Services for First-Year Students: Seminar Librarian

Services, resources, and staff in the Library and Information Technology Center who can help you in your First Year Seminar.

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Your First-Year Seminar Librarian can answer questions on doing research in the library and services we provide. Find your Seminar below, and then click on the librarian's name for more information about how to contact them.

You can also make an appointment with your librarian at a time that is convenient for you by going to


Faculty Course Name Mentor Librarian
Catrino, Joseph Social Media: The Complexity of Communication in the Digital Age Levy, MacKenzie Amy Harrell 
Roman, Dan Film Music Tannuzzo, Josephine Amy Harrell
Mauro, David Reacting to the Past and Present: The Turmoil of Evolving Beliefs Mizgier, Nikola Amy Harrell
Spezialetti, Madalene BFF or Strange Bedfellows? Cohorts, Compromise, and Political Destiny Gray, Meaghan Amy Harrell/
Kim Rinaldo
Delano, Pablo Focus: Diversity in Hartford Wright, Cole Erin Valentino
Antrim, Zayde Arabian Nights Khanna, Mallika Erin Valentino

Power, Kat

Free Speech, Art and Censorship

Mason, Kira

Erin Valentino


Baldwin, Davarian Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man  Ketcham, Jamilah Erin Valentino
Younger, Prakash Gateway: InterArts: Art and Artists McNulty, Abigail/Powderly, Margaret/Mattox, Kylee Erin Valentino
Cummins, Emily Gateway: The Cities Program-The American City Robbins, Charlotte Erin Valentino
Lee, Randy Mind/Body and the Concept of Mindfulness Solimine, Chandler Erin Valentino/Kim Rinaldo
Levesque, Elliot Knights, Saints, Witches and You Booth, Jillian Jeff Liszka
Greenberg, Cheryl The History of Now Campbell, Brandon Jeff Liszka 
Euraque, Dario/Lestz Michael Copan,Honduras and Angkor, Cambodia: Legacies of Ancient Cities Dolan IV, John/Rivera, Neve Jeff Liszka
Wade, Maurice Understanding Race Philosophically Evertsz Mendez, Malin Jeff Liszka
Tomasso, Vincent Gateway: Humanites Gateway Program: Homer in Antiquity Herndon, Lydia Jeff Liszka
Elukin, Jonathan Angels and Aliens: Religion and the Origins of Science Fiction  Charette, Natalie Jeff Liszka/Kim Rinaldo
Prigodich, Rich Biochemical Evolution Gober, Cosmic Jennifer van Sickle
Foster, Lisa-Anne How Microbes Rule the World Corbo, Josh Jennifer van Sickle
Guardiola-Diaz, Hebe Food Science and Culture Madden, Sameir Jennifer van Sickle
Wyshinski, Nancy  Mathematical Gems Chan, Christy Jennifer van Sickle 
Draper, Alison Gateway ISP: The Process of Discovery Race, Meghan Jennifer van Sickle
Church, William The Aging of America: The Economic, Social, and Psychological Costs of Old Age Frempong, Josephine Jennifer van Sickle
Mertens, John The Engineering, Science, and Politics of Sustainability Egeln Jr., Anthony Jennifer van Sickle/Kim Rinaldo
Paulin, Diana "Blackness" and Disability Nowlan, Clara Joelle Thomas
Harrington, Thomas The Mediterranean Cauldron of Cultures Sauquet, Mathilde Joelle Thomas
Assaiante, Julia Knowledge, Evil and a Pact with the Devil: the Faust Legend  Tha, Soe Han Joelle Thomas
Any, Carol The Brothers Karamazov Cummings, Larry Joelle Thomas
Aponte-Aviles, Aidali Introduction to Hispanic Hartford Chavez, Jennifer Joelle Thomas
Evelein, Johannes Introduction to German Language and Culture McDevitt, Matt Joelle Thomas
Ayalon, Michal Israeli Culture Through Film and Literature Arqoub, Amro  Joelle Thomas
King, Joshua Introduction to Italian Language and Culture De La Cruz, Franchesca Joelle Thomas
Papoulis, Irene Reading and Writing Creative Nonfiction Axon, Lexie Joelle Thomas / Kim Rinaldo
Curran, Kathy The City as Work of Art Dedert, Rebecca Nancy Smith
Del Puppo, Dario/MacDermott, Kevin Food, Fitness, and the Journey to Self-Discovery  Caskin, Christopher Rob Walsh
Stater, Mark Marijuana Policy Coffey, Alaine Rob Walsh
Casserly, Elizabeth Language's Hidden Meanings Snyder, Maddie Rob Walsh
Williamson, Abigail Civic Engagement and Community Williams, Brooke Rob Walsh
Laws, Serena Gateway: Community Action Gateway Program: Envisioning Social Change Gorka, Julia/Iorio Vianna/Montalvo, Amber Rob Walsh
Tiamzon, Trisha Social Facts, Science Fictions  Munroe, Denzel Rob Walsh
Matsuzaki, Reo Democracy in the US and Abroad Chavez, Henry Rob Walsh
Nadel-Klein, Jane Reading and Seeing the Outside World Patino Elizabeth  Rob Walsh/Kim Rinaldo

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