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Library & Information Services for First-Year Students: Seminar Librarian

Services, resources, and staff in the Library and Information Technology Center who can help you in your First Year Seminar.

Find your Seminar librarian

Your First-Year Seminar Librarian can answer questions on doing research in the library and services we provide. Find your Seminar below, and then click on the librarian's name for more information about how to contact them.

You can also make an appointment with your librarian at a time that is convenient for you by going to

Seminar Number Faculty Name Mentor Seminar name Librarian
101 Spezialetti, Madalene Kennedy, PK BFF or Strange Bedfellows? Cohorts, Compromise, and Political Destiny Amy Harrell
143 Andersson, Tanetta Marcus, Samantha Lights, Camera, Society!: Sociology Through Film Amy Harrell
152 Sandoval, Mary Kromash, Jacqueline  In Search of a Good Life Amy Harrell
IART-101 Younger, Prakash Bianca, Jaymie/Boyd, Madison  Gateway: InterArts  Amy Harrell
184 Wheatley, Chloe Turner, Machias The Art of Food (Writing) Jeff Liszka
113 Levesque, Elliot Hayes, Avery Knights, Saints, Witches & You Jeff Liszka
142 Caldwell, Lauren Dumas, Aiden Medicine & Health Ancient Rome Jeff Liszka
154 Ewegen, Shane Cofrancesco, Alison Who Am I, Anyway? The Nature and Technology of the Self Jeff Liszka
174 Lestz, Michael Sheehy, James Peoples and Cultures of the Himalayas Jeff Liszka
181 Platoff, John Lee, Nadine The Beatles and the Sixties Jeff Liszka
187 Koertner, Mareike Forst, Garret Race and Religion Jeff Liszka
204 Benedict, Barbara Fierro, Kirstin  Curiosity and Madness in English Literature Jeff Liszka
233 Wade, Maurice Rubin, Will Understanding Race Philosophically Jeff Liszka
HMTS-113 Hornung, Gabriel Tursi, Mary Gateway: Humanities Gateway Program: Biblical Tradition Jeff Liszka
229 Branning, David Santana-Quieroz, Hadley Physics in Science Fiction Jennifer van Sickle
144 Guardiola-Diaz, Hebe Reardon, Katie Food Science and Culture Jennifer van Sickle
147 Gourley, Jonathan Ruggiero, Joe Oil and Water: The Science and Politics of Climate Change Jennifer van Sickle
161 Parr, Maria Mizgier, Nikola Bones, Pigments and Native Metals: A Scientist’s Guide to Art and Archaeology Jennifer van Sickle
195 Fleming, Robert LoBianco, Chris The Biology of Science Fiction Jennifer van Sickle
205 Skardal, Per Sebastian Adhikari, Sabina Scientific Method in Society Jennifer van Sickle
210 Brindle, Cheyenne Coke, Latanya HIV/AIDS: Science and Society Jennifer van Sickle
ISP-117 Draper, Alison Zarra, Michael Gateway: ISP - The Process of Discovery Jennifer van Sickle
226 Power, Kat Eidson, Kira Free Speech: Where to Draw the Line? Joelle Thomas
138 Gordon, Alden Clifford, Emily  Public Art: Civic Conscience or Dangerous Statues Joelle Thomas
159 Kippur, Sara Caljouw, Megan  Americans in Paris, Parisians in America Joelle Thomas
193 Any, Carol Gambuzza, Ben The Brothers Karamazov Joelle Thomas
243 Berry, Ciaran Iorio, Vianna The Shapes Poems Take, the Sounds Poems Make Joelle Thomas
112 Souto Alcalde, David McCarthy, Samantha The Discovery of the (New) World:Literature, Science, and the Revolution of Experience Joelle Thomas
129 Chmielewska, Ewa Epstein, Matt Illness as Narrative: the Role of Fiction in Medicine Joelle Thomas
158 Hussain, Shafqat Pena, Erick The Silk Road Kim Rinaldo
203 Marino, Nicholas Sullivan, Caroline Rhetoric, Toys, and Identities Kim Rinaldo
133 Fixel, Deborah McInnis, Jr., Jack The Anatomy of Forgiveness Kim Rinaldo
224 Sena, Yunchiahn Smith, Lizzie China's Forbidden City: Art and Architecture in Beijing Nancy Smith
105 Alcorn, John Anderson, Claire Prohibitions Rob Walsh
128 Kamola, Isaac Assefa, Tshion Slavery, Property, Piracy Rob Walsh
134 Schneider, Arthur Martinez Daniel, Emma/McDonald, Abigail Games of Strategy and Predictably Irrational Behavior Rob Walsh
157-01 Del Puppo, Dario Valentini, Gianni Cycling, Sustainability, and the City of Hartford Rob Walsh
157-02 Evelein, Johannes Lor, Devin Cycling, Sustainability, and the City of Hartford Rob Walsh
177 Helt, Molly Nguyen, Kelly (Phuong)  The Psychology of Happiness Rob Walsh
237 Reuman, David McCarthy, Megan Understanding and Reversing Prejudice and Discrimination Rob Walsh
CTYP-101 Myers, Garth Dedert, Becca Gateway: The Cities Program- Introduction to Urban Studies Rob Walsh
CACT-101 Laws, Serena Arnold, Aidan/Faraguna, Ellie Gateway: Community Action Gateway Program: Envisioning Social Change Rob Walsh

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