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Kim Rinaldo: Who I Am

Research and Collections Librarian

Kim Rinaldo


Hello everyone.  I am a relatively new face in the library: I was hired as a Research and Collections Librarian in January.  Till now I have worked a great deal on the back end of the library's new systems, but I am very much looking forward to working with new and returning students!  My door is almost always open, so feel free to stop in and say hello!

Why meet with a research librarian?

Are you doing research for any of your courses? Let's work on

  • refining your research question
  • establishing what the best information sources are for your research
  • identifying effective search terms
  • learning what various search tools can do, and how they work
  • exploring different kinds of information and if they benefit your research
  • tracking how your research questions change through the course of research
  • getting access to specific materials you had trouble locating
  • understanding your rights and responsibilities regarding your use and creation of knowledge