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AMST-269: The 1960s (Marston)

Spring 2020

Trinity College publications

The history of events during the 1960s at Trinity College is often told through the publications of the college during that time period. Some publications that will help you learn about what happened at Trinity and how the Trinity community reacted to the changes and upheavals in society and culture during the 1960s include the college newspaper the Trinity Tripod, the college yearbook, The Ivy and the alumni magazine the Trinity Reporter.

The Watkinson Library, which is the college's archives, has digitized the Trinity Tripod, The Ivy and Trinity Reporter for this time period as part of Trinity's Digital Repository

Here are links to those publications:

Other helpful sources

Newspapers from outside of Trinity might also contain information that is helpful for your research, especially the local paper the Hartford Courant. You can access the newspaper databases from off-campus but you will need to enter your Trinity username and password to get on the network.

One additional source that is included is Trinity College in the Twentieth Century: a History by Peter Knapp. Chapter 6 goes into detail about what was happening on campus during the 1960s. You can use this as a source to get information to help find other sources in the college publications, including: dates of events, people's names, groups on campus and organizations, etc. 

Bibliography Help!

Quick examples for your bibliography or list of works cited in APA, MLA, Chicago, APSA, ASA or ACS.