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Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch

Social Justice & Critical Pedagogy Research Librarian

When am I Available?

The Scheduler will let you see when I have free time, so you can book an appointment with me.

If you don't see a time that works for you in the Scheduler, please do get in touch with me, because I am happy to find a time that does!



When is a Good Time to Meet with Me?

All of these are great times to meet with me:

 You have an idea for a research project, but you haven’t started yet.

 Or, you’ve started, but you’re stuck.

 Maybe you have a quick research question . . . or a complicated one.

 It’s the last minute, and your research needs a boost.

Faculty and students can consult with a research librarian about any aspect of the research process, and on any research question: no question is too big or too small. There is no limit to the number of research consultations you can have during the semester!

How Do I Prepare?

It depends! You can prepare as much or as little as you like—I can help you at the very beginning stages of research, before you’ve even decided on your research project. You can come with your questions . . . or maybe you don’t know which questions to have, yet. That’s okay, too. But, it is helpful if you:

 Bring your assignment or prompt, if you have one

 Make sure you know your current Trinity username and password 

 Have a means to take some notes