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Read Black Women & Black Nonbinary Writers Mini Collection: About


Anonymously adapted from photo by Seven Shooter on Unsplash

Join the Trinity College Black Women’s Organization (T.C.B.W.O.) and librarians in celebrating BIPOC and QTBIPOC authors by exploring this collection of books that spotlight the histories, stories, and lived experiences of Black women and nonbinary writers. This collection includes historical and liberatory texts, feminist and womanist writings, classic and contemporary fiction across the diaspora, biographies and memoirs, short stories, comics and graphic novels, poetry, body positivity and self-love, librarian curated music, and more.

On behalf of the Trinity College Black Women’s Organization and librarians, we hope you enjoy our chosen collection and continue to spread the love by using our suggestion form to add to the collection, sharing it with your friends, and, of course, "Cite Black Women."



            Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch

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Black Feminist & Womanist Texts

Social Sciences

History & Liberation

LGBTQ+ Writers & Stories

Biographies & Memoirs


Body Positivity & Self-Love

Poetry, Prose, & Plays

Banned or Challenged Books

Short Stories


Afrofuturism & Africanfuturism

Caribbean Authors

Afro-Latine Stories

Afro-Indigenous Stories

Young Adult

Comics & Graphic Novels


We are expanding our definition of "writer" to include the sound labor of Black women and Black nonbinary music artists. Please enjoy these librarian curated playlists.

Librarian Curated NPR Tiny Desk Performances

Black Women Folk

This is Neosoul