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ANTH-245 Anthropology & Global Health (Trostle)

Fall 2017

Formulating a Topic

When selecting a topic it is useful to first conduct broad research to become familiar with relevant concepts.  Review essays and encyclopedia articles are particularly helpful in this step of the research process.



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Targeted Research

Once you choose a topic you can focus your research by looking at sources with a scope matching that of your chosen topic to streamline your information seeking proccess.

Make the Most of your Research

One of the best ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your information search is to make use of controlled vocabularies.

A controlled vocabulary is a standardized set of words and phrases used to index content.  By using a term from a controlled vocabulary in your search, provided that the content is indexed using that controlled vocabulary, you can gather a much more focused and comprehensive set of results than would be possible using a generic keyword search.

If you find a useful article it may be helpful to look up the Medline formatted reference, found in PubMed, and see what useful index terms or keywords have been assigned to the article.  You can then use these to search for other similar articles.