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POLS-309 Congress and Public Policy (Evans): Start Here

Spring 2019

Required Documents

Begin your legislative case study by choosing a bill introduced in either the House or the Senate during the 113th (2013-2014) Congress and 114th (2015-2016) Congresses

Your study will require the use of the following three documents.

  • Hearing:  a transcript of a public hearing held by a House or Senate committee on the proposed legislation.  It will include a verbatim record of the Committee member's questions and the testimony of the witnesses.  Witnesses may also submit documents (reports, newspaper articles, memos, etc.) that support their testimony.
  • Report:  details the Committee's recommendations.  Often begins with a transcript of the proposed legislation and can include a separate review by the minority party.
  • Debate: debates occur on the floor of the House or the Senate and are published in the Congressional Record, a newspaper that is produced every day at least one chamber of Congress is in session. 

All three documents are published by the GPO (Government Printing Office) in both print and digital format. The Trinity College Library collects the Hearings and the Congressional Record in both formats but the reports are only collected in the digital edition. Search the library catalog by title to locate print copies or links to the digital editions.



Document Images

Congressional Hearing


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