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Image Research Guide: Working with Images

A guide for finding and using images and where to get help.

Subject Guide

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Classroom Presentation Tools

PowerPoint is the most commonly used presentation software and is available on all Trinity College lab & classroom computers. Also available on all lab & classroom computers is ARTstor's Offline Image Viewer (OIV), which can be downloaded from ARTstor for use on your personal computer. However ARTstor images can also easily be used in PowerPoint, and an image group created in ARTstor can be exported directly into its own PowerPoint presentation.

Using Images in PowerPoint

A jpg image file of 1024x768 pixels, at 72dpi resolution, is commonly recommended for use in PowerPoint presentations.  This is the output resolution of many projectors.

Inserting an image into a PowerPoint slide:

1  First open your presentation and select the desired slide.

2  Click on the "Insert" menu

3  Select "Picture", "From File..."

4  Navigate to where your image is located, and click on the filename.

5  Click "Insert"

6  PowerPoint will insert the image in the middle of your PowerPoint slide. If the image is too big and fills the screen, click on the page zoom button & choose a small number, enabling you to zoom out to see the entire image.

7  To scale the image without distorting it, click and hold with the left mouse button on any one of the corner "handles" & drag the handle to re-size the image smaller or bigger.