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Image Research Guide: Course Images in ARTstor

A guide for finding and using images and where to get help.

Course Images

Course image groups have been created in Artstor for students enrolled in certain Trinity courses. For student access, faculty have either made the course image groups public to our institution, or have provided access via shared links. See student instructions below.

Accessing Course Image Groups in ARTstor

Start by Creating an Artstor account if you don't already have one. This will allow you to download images and to access Artstor while off the campus network:

1.  Go to Artstor ( while on the campus network. Click on Artstor Digital Library near the top of the page.

2.  In the Log-In area at the upper right corner, click on Register.

3.  Enter a valid email address and make a password (do not use symbols or diacritics).  Provide any other basic info requested. Click Submit.  You'll be logged into your new account and a welcome message will display.

Note: After creating an Artstor account while on the Trinity network, you will then also be able to access Artstor ( when off the Trinity network by entering your Artstor username and password. This will allow you to access course image groups while away from campus without logging into the Trinity network.  

To Access your Course Image Groups:

1.  Enter the Artstor database ( and log into your Artstor account.

2. Go up to the Browse menu and choose Groups.  At the left side of the screen, under Groups, choose Institutional.  From the Tags list below that, choose your course's name or number.  The course image groups will then appear listed to the right.  Clicking on any group will display thumbnails of all the images.  Click on an image to enlarge and view its data.  You will also see options to print or download an image and its data.  

Another option is to print or download an entire image group by going up to the Share menu.  You can choose to generate a PowerPoint presentation, or to generate a zipped folder of the images.  Once your choice is "generated," you can select Download.

For help contact:

Amanda Matava, Digital Media Librarian,


***WARNING: Uploading Artstor images to a public website is prohibited by the terms of our license agreement with Artstor and is not allowed.

Course Images: Quiz Mode

ARTstor provides a Quiz Mode that let's you hide an image caption and test your knowledge. Open a course image group. Click on any image to enlarge, then mouse over the upper left hand corner and select the icon for full screen. At the bottom of the image select "Hide Caption" and "Quiz Mode."  You can also turn "Shuffle" on to shuffle images in the group. Advance through group images via the forward or back arrows at the bottom of the screen.

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