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Image Research Guide: Copyright/Citing Images

A guide for finding and using images and where to get help.

Subject Guide

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Reminder: Before using any images please check the copyright statement for each database or site. Generally, most allow the use of their material for educational, noncommercial or personal use as long as the source is acknowledged.  ARTstor, for example, allows use of its images for educational purposes such as in papers and presentations, and on password-protected course Moodle sites, but prohibits use in publicly-accessible webpages and commercial publications.

Don't forget to cite the source of any images you use in papers or presentations, just as you would cite other resources (SEE box below for link to library's citation guide "Cite Source").

Citing Images

Images for Academic Publishing & ARTstor

Certain images in ARTstor provided by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other institutions are publication-quality images and are available free-of-charge for use in scholarly publications. These images will display an "IAP" icon beneath the thumbnail. Clicking on the icon will lead a user through steps for downloading the publication-quality image, including agreeing to a terms and conditions statement.