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HISP 305: Texts, Travelers, and Slaves in Latin America (Hubert): Following Citation Trails

Tracking Down Books and Other Publications

No one library is complete--use WorldCat for more complete research for books.

Interlibrary Loan

If you don't have a convenient link to fill in the request for you, you can still place a request. Click on the link below, log in and then select a form to fill out from the left-hand navigation menu. Depending on what type of material you request, it may take several days to arrive, so plan ahead!

One Way to Find Journal Articles

Another Way to Find Journal Articles

Google Scholar Search

Can't Find What You Need?

Shoot your friendly librarian an email ( for the quickest results. You can also stop by my office in the library. I'm in A32, two doors down from the Michigami Room.