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FYSM-133: The Anatomy of Forgiveness (Fixel): Start Here

The Anatomy of Forgiveness

Forgiveness has been regarded as both an art and a science.  For centuries, artists have explored it in terms of how we deal with transgressions both in our personal relationships and in society.   In the mid-1980s, scientific study of forgiveness became prevalent as psychologists explored various aspects of the subject.  Since then, people have been paying more attention to the study of forgiveness in popular culture as well as science.  In this seminar, we will explore what forgiveness is, how to measure forgiveness, how forgiveness is related to religion (and for whom), how forgiveness affects participants in the process, what the benefits of forgiveness are, and the costs and limits of forgiveness.


This guide will direct you to resources that will be useful for researching concepts and ideas discussed in this class. 

Using OneSearch

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  • View complete search results (some databases only show results if you are signed in)
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Start with OneSearch

Use OneSearch to search for resources available in the Trinity, Wesleyan, and Connecticut College libraries and beyond.  You can use this tool to find physical books and media, electronic books and media, articles, journals, and databases. 


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Books on the Shelf: LC Call Numbers

You will need a call number to find where a book sits on the shelf.  The Trinity Library use Library of Congress (LC) call numbers, like most college and university libraries. Library of Congress call numbers are alpha-numeric codes used to identify individual items and their place on the shelf.  

To find a book on the shelf using the LC Call number first locate the section of books that share the same first line of the call number- don't worry, they will all be shelved together.  Within that group locate the books that share the second line of the call number.  Repeat line by line until you find the book you need.

      Read the first line alphabetically. 

      B comes before BL on the shelf and BL comes before C.

     Read the second line as a whole number. 

     8 comes before 805 and 805 comes before 900

     Read the third line alphabetically and as a decimal. 

    .E58 and .F158, come before .F58. and .F58 comes before .F658

   Read the fourth line as a whole number.  This is the year of publication. 

   In a multi-volume set the fifth line designates the volume number of the book.

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