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AMST 314 Global Radicalism (Heatherton)

Jeff Liszka

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Jeff Liszka
Library Level A
Room A37

Eric Stoykovich

Eric Stoykovich, Watkinson Library


RLITC, Level A, Watkinson Library


Phone: 860-297-2267

Primary sources from Trinity College

Primary sources from Trinity College have been created by members of the Trinity community (faculty, students and staff) as well individuals or groups that have participated in historical, social and cultural events at, and associated with, the college.

Sources range from visual images of college events and people, to written evidence from the college newspaper, the Tripod and yearbook, to faculty and student publications. Also included in evidence would be files from various presidents and faculty as well as campus groups, organizations and offices. Additionally there are audio files and material objects within Trinity's primary source collections. 

Below is a sample of some good places to search and discover primary source evidence from Trinity College. The material below is linked to online resources, but there is also a wealth of material in the Watkinson Library Special Collections and Archives.