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HMTS-115 Heroes of Biblical Literature (Hornung): Start your research here

Fall 2020

Review of sources and keywords

Secondary sources:

Secondary sources analyze and interpret past events and people.  They are written by scholars and experts in a field of study. They utilize primary source evidence (books of the Bible, other historical artifacts like material objects and created works of art and literature) to support an argument or thesis. Examples typically include: books and book chapters, essays, scholarly journal articles

What is a scholarly or peer-reviewed source? A source written by a scholar or expert that presents an argument or thesis and uses evidence to support that argument. It concludes with an overall analysis of the argument and evidence. It has notes, bibliography or footnotes to credit sources of research and help future readers see where the evidence came from and use that track down additional sources. Sources go through a vetting or editorial process to try and ensure sound research methods and reputability or authority. 


These are unique search terms that can be used to discover secondary sources. To develop good keywords for searching, think about names of people, places and event. For sources related to biblical books, think of the names of books themselves as a keyword or people and places named within the books. More relevant search results can come up with the more specific the search term. Combine concepts and themes with places and people.

Finding books in the Trinity Library

Best databases for sources for your topic

Journal Databases

Use these databases to find secondary source journal articles and book chapters on your research topic.

Bibliography Help!

Quick examples for your bibliography or list of works cited in APA, MLA, Chicago, APSA, ASA or ACS.


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