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IART-101-01-F22: InterArts (Rutherford): Brainstorm

Conduct Preliminary Research

  • Begin your research process with freely available sites like Google and Wikipedia.
    • Start by just searching your artist's name.
    • Add additional search terms (like "influences" or "inspiration") if you're not finding relevant information in your search results about what influenced their art.
  • As you skim your search results, narrow down your topic to a few key areas of artistic influence that you are most interested in. This will help shape the focus of your project.
  • Record your findings on the Keywords Brainstorm worksheet in two columns: "Art" and "Circumstance."
    • "Art" includes the names of fellow artists/people who influenced your artist; artistic works that influenced them; and traditions/artistic movements they were a part of or inspired by.  
    • "Circumstance" refers to history, culture, and identity. What historical events; cultural, social, or political movements; personal experiences; and/or identities shaped your artist and their work?
  • Finally, develop more specific keywords related to those areas.

General Websites

Reference Sources

Keywords Brainstorm Worksheet

Use the keywords brainstorm worksheet to record notes as you skim general sources about your artist and to narrow down your topic by developing a list of specific keywords.


Download the Keywords Brainstorm Worksheet below.

Example Keywords Brainstorm Worksheet

Below is an example keyword brainstorm for my artistic influence, Dolly Parton. Use this example as a model to fill out your own worksheet.