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Amanda Matava: Meet with Me

About me, where to find me, and what times I can meet

Amanda Matava

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Amanda Matava
LITC 184


Hello! I'm Amanda, the Digital Media Librarian.

I oversee digitization projects of archival, print, image and audiovisual materials, and assist in cataloging the items and making them accessible to faculty, students, and researchers.

I am typically available Monday - Friday, 8:30-4:30, but you can see all librarians' availability when you select Meet with a Librarian from the library's homepage.

Preparation for the Session

Whether you don't know where to begin or already began research, it is helpful if you: 

  • bring a laptop. It is helpful for following along and bookmarking pages.
  • bring your assignment or prompt, if you have one
  • make sure you know your current Trinity username & password
  • have a means to take some notes.

Why Meet with a Research Librarian?

Here are a few ideas of what a session can entail: 

  • refining your research question
  • establishing what the best information sources are for your research
  • identifying effective search terms
  • learning what various search tools can do, and how they work
  • exploring different kinds of information and if they benefit your research
  • tracking how your research questions change through the course of research
  • getting access to specific materials you had trouble locating
  • understanding your rights and responsibilities regarding your use and creation of knowledge