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Amanda Matava

About me, where to find me, and what times I can meet

Hello! I'm Amanda -- though I can assist with any research subject, I specialize in English and History. 

As a digital archivist, I oversee digital preservation of electronic (digital) content at Trinity. This includes appraisal, acquisition, description, preservation, and access, ensuring that it remains safe and accessible for the foreseeable future.

I also manage digitization projects of archival, print, image and audiovisual materials, and assist in cataloging the items and making them accessible to faculty, students, and researchers.

Please see my portfolio for more information.

Make an appointment if you think you need assistance with any of the following: 

  • refining your research question
  • identifying & searching for the most relevant resources for your assignment
  • getting access to specific materials you are having trouble locating
  • citing your sources correctly
  • organizing your resource

You can utilize the LITS Ticketing System to request digitization of library or archival print/image/film for use in courses or for addition to the library's digital collections. 

Examples of items we have digitized include maps from periodicals, postcards and photographs from the Watkinson Library, Trinitiana (material from the college archives such as Trinity Yearbooks, Catalogs, Bulletins, Newspapers, Magazines, and more), images from books, and much more. Please visit ArtStor as well as the Digital Repository to get a sense of what we currently have ready to use in our digital collections. 

Here is a quick list of where you will find videos, which you can then embed or link to Moodle: 

Items in Kaltura will automatically be embedded into your Moodle course. Find them on the left-hand side of the course page, under "Kaltura Media Gallery." 

Please utilize this blog post for assistance in embedding a film from one of our databases directly into your Moodle courses. Embedding the film will create a visible player for students to watch right in Moodle. You can also simply copy and paste the URL to the video into your course, which will lead students to the database with the film.