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Black Resistance & Empowerment Poetry Mini Collection: About


Image Credit: Charlie Palmer

"This project is born out of a need to highlight Black perseverance in times of almost daily news headlines of another Black body killed or assaulted, and incidents of racism and discrimination on our campus. It is a song of love, of nurture and of inspiration for the Black Trinity community. It will aim to highlight the work of different Black poets from all around the world to give a reminder, an emotional lift for anyone Black that they are powerful and loved and once again, they will persevere. 

The Trinity African Students Association and the NestArtists will work to disseminate the contents within this website to both their social media platforms. We are extremely thankful to Research Librarian Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch for compiling the contents of the website and for agreeing to partner with us in this project." -- TASA


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Poetry Collections

Poetry Collections at Trinity

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Curated Playlist of Poetry Readings

We curated a playlist of 15 poetry readings centered around themes of Black resistance, resilience, and empowerment. The poetry readings are set to automatically play one after another or you can use the Youtube menu icon (the 3 horizontal lines with the triangle on top) to select videos from the playlist.