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Fiscal Policy in the US: Covid-19 Pandemic: Start Here

Curated by Mario Andreozzi (2020), Chris Butera (2020), James Callahan (2021), Andrew Collins (2020), Alex Moore (2020), Nicole Quinlan (2020), James Schipani (2020), and Gianni Valentini (2021)

About this Guide

This guide is the product of a collaborative research project that evolved while students in ECON-431 studied remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. It reflects the interest of students to delve deeper into the economic effects of COVID-19, and how fiscal policy can be implemented to help the U.S. economy

The content of the guide is curate by Mario Andreozzi (2020), Chris Butera (2020), James Callahan (2021), Andrew Collins (2020), Alex Moore (2020), Nicole Quinlan (2020), James Schipani (2020), and Gianni Valentini (2021), with the guidance of Diane Zannoni (Professor of Economics) and Rob Walsh (Social Sciences Librarian) 

Start Here

VOX  (the articles on Coronavirus and the Economy)


Institute for New Economic Thinking


American Enterprise Institute (right)


Economic Policy Institute (middle/left)


Brookings Institute