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Fall 2022


Hi, if you have a research question please feel free to make an appointment with me or send me an email!

If you have a question about technology support for your projects like 3D printing, audio and video editing, maps and timelines, and tools within Microsoft Office like PowerPoint, connect with a Student Technology Assistant (STA) on Level 1 in the Library. 

For help in designing and developing a digital project, contact Mary Mahoney, our Digital Scholarship Coordinator. Mary can help you with determining the best tools to use, and strategies on how to incorporate and use those tools in your project.  

Researching Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary and Secondary Sources:

Primary Sources:

Secondary Sources:

Library Spaces

Study Rooms: reserve a place for group and individual study in the Library

Center for Educational Technology (CET): home to 3D printing, audio and video editing, virtual reality, STAs and all things digital scholarship

Print Books on Level A (literary sources) and Level 3 (historical and contextual sources)