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Amanda Matava: Meet with Me

About me, where to find me, and what times I can meet

Amanda Matava

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Amanda Matava
LITC 184


Hello! I'm Amanda, the Digital Media Librarian.

I oversee digitization projects of archival, print, image and audiovisual materials, and assist in cataloging the items and making them accessible to faculty, students, and researchers.

I am typically available Monday - Friday, 8:30-4:30, but you can see all librarians' availability when you select Meet with a Librarian from the library's homepage.

Currently, all research librarians are working remotely, but you can still see our availability in the scheduler and schedule research appointments with us. Instead of meeting in person, we will email you a link to a Zoom meeting which you can join during the designated appointment time, and receive the same excellent assistance you are accustomed to. 

Preparation for the Session

Whether you don't know where to begin or already began research, it is helpful if you: 

  • bring a laptop. It is helpful for following along and bookmarking pages.
  • bring your assignment or prompt, if you have one
  • make sure you know your current Trinity username & password
  • have a means to take some notes.

Why Meet with a Research Librarian?

Here are a few ideas of what a session can entail: 

  • refining your research question
  • establishing what the best information sources are for your research
  • identifying effective search terms
  • learning what various search tools can do, and how they work
  • exploring different kinds of information and if they benefit your research
  • tracking how your research questions change through the course of research
  • getting access to specific materials you had trouble locating
  • understanding your rights and responsibilities regarding your use and creation of knowledge