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Government Information: Start Here

U. S. Government Information at Trinity College

Trinity College Library has been a member of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) since 1895. This Federal program distributes government publications to participating libraries for public use.  Trinity is a partial depository and receives about 25 percent of the documents published by the federal government. 

As a member of the FDLP, Trinity welcomes visitors who wish to use the documents in our collection.  For details concerning hours and guest priviliges please check our access policy for visitors.


Finding Printed Government Resources

Printed books, reports, journal articles, hearings etc. published by the federal government have their own classification system.  Under this system (known as the SuDoc,(Superintendent of Documents) system, documents are organized by the department or agency that issued them.  C for the Commerce Department or S for the State Department.  Trinity uses the Sudoc classification system for printed documents acquired before 2012.  Most of them are listed in the catalog and can be identified by the location category. Documents, C-Floor.

The link below gives a more detailed explantion fo the SuDocs classification system.

Major Government Databases

Science, technology, medicine, economics, education, history, international relations, urban development!

The US government supports research in these and many other topics. Use the databases below to find data, research reports, journal articles, books and images.