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Jeff Liszka

What I do and how I can help!


Hi! I am a Research Librarian at Trinity College.

I can help with all research questions, no matter where you are in the research process from talking about potential topics, finding the right databases and sources to search, and tracking down hard to find items.

If you would like to learn a little more about my role at Trinity, my background, expertise, and ways I can help, check out my personal portfolio!


One-on-one research appointments

If you have a research question or need help with a project I would be happy to meet with you! I am available for individual research appointments. You may schedule appointments through our appointment scheduler and there will be instructions and information to follow from there. Also feel free to email me as well!

In a research appointment I can help you with:

  • getting started on your project
  • refining your research question and topic
  • identifying effective search terms that you can use
  • learning what various search tools can do, and how they work
  • exploring different kinds of information and if they benefit your research
  • getting access to specific materials you had trouble locating

My appointments are in-person or via Zoom.  

My Subject Guides

Below are my subject guides. The subject guides can help get you started with your research, especially if you are doing research in a subject that's new to you!