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Joelle Thomas: Who I Am

Joelle Thomas


Hi there! I'm the User Engagement Librarian, the one with the office full of toys, puzzles, and board games. Visit me for help with your research, questions about Trinity, or just to chat.

If you drop by my office, be sure to help yourself to the contents of my candy dish. There's usually chocolate!

Why meet with a research librarian?

Are you doing research for any of your courses? Let's work on

  • refining your research question
  • establishing what the best information sources are for your research
  • identifying effective search terms
  • learning what various search tools can do, and how they work
  • exploring different kinds of information and if they benefit your research
  • tracking how your research questions change through the course of research
  • getting access to specific materials you had trouble locating
  • understanding your rights and responsibilities regarding your use and creation of knowledge