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POLS-318 State-Building (Matsuzaki)

Fall 2023


Smashed! by Louis Dalrymple (1866-1905)
Print shows a large gloved fist with an American flag on it crashing down on Emilio Aguinaldo riding on a rocking horse labeled "Dictatorship" next to a large sword labeled "Aguinaldo" on the "Philippines".

The purpose of this guide is to help you through the various steps of the research process and find sources related to your research question for your literature review and final research paper. Remember that researching is an iterative process, so you may repeat steps more than once. It's okay to get frustrated but know that librarians are here to help you when you have questions or are stuck.

Explore the pages for tips on doing research and suggestions on where to search for sources.

Start Your Research

Search OneSearch

OneSearch searches the majority of Trinity's databases and is an excellent starting place to get a feel for the information available on your topic through Trinity's database collection. You can use OneSearch to find physical books, ebooks, articles, and more! Just enter your keywords and start searching! Ask a librarian if you get stuck.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is another good place to start your research because it casts a wide net and searches a huge number of resources. Something important to note, though, is that we do not have access to everything Google Scholar finds. So, if you use Google Scholar and find a resource we don't have access to, make sure you leave plenty of time to request the resource through interlibrary loan.