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Data Sources: Public Opinion

United States

  • Roper Center I-Poll
    The Roper Center maintains an archive of public opinion survey data--including from the National Opinion Research Center (NORC), Gallup, Los Angeles Times Polls, exit polls and others. Allows users to search survey questions or download data directly. Users will need to enter their USC email address to access data.
  • Pew Research Center
    Check out the "databank" to access data from Pew Global Attitudes Project, Pew Hispanic Center, Pew Internet and American Life, Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life and others.
  • Annenberg Public Policy Center
    Includes National Annenberg Election Surveys Data Sets as well as Health Behavior and Survey of Youth. See the "findings" and "data sets" links.
  • American National Election Studies
    Data on voting, public opinion, and political participation. Time series.
  • Gallup
    Access current Gallup articles. Gallup polling data are also available through Roper Center.
  • General Social Survey (GSS)
    GSS "conducts basic scientific research on the structure and development of American society with a data-collection program designed to both monitor social change within the United States and to compare the United States to other nations. Contains a standard 'core' of demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal questions, plus topics of special interest. Many of the core questions have remained unchanged since 1972 to facilitate time-trend studies.


  • Roper Center I-Poll
    The Roper Center maintains an archive of public opinion survey data--including a limited collection of non-U.S. data (specifically, Great Britain, France, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Venezuela, Argentina). Allows users to search survey questions or download data directly. Users will need to enter their USC email address to access data.
  • PEW Global Attitudes Project
    "Interactive database allows users to explore public opinion trends in 55 countries on topics ranging from attitudes toward the U.S. to people's assessments of their own lives to views about globalization, democratization, extremism and other important issues."
  • World Values Survey
    The World Values Survey is administered to nationally representative samples covering values and perceptions of life, the environment, work, family, politics and society, religion and morale, and national identity, as well as demographic characteristics. Download data files or analyze online.

International Barometer Studies

Regional “barometer” surveys, in general, look at the social, political and economic atmosphere in various countries—often including opinions on democracy.  Generally, these surveys are given annually or in waves to nationally representative samples of adults; however, methodology, scope, content, and availability may vary.

  • Globalbarometer
    Globalbarometer project combines a common module of questions from the African, Arab, Asian, and Latino barometer surveys. While representing only a selection of the questions asked in the regional barometer surveys, these data are available for online analysis allowing for significant cross-national comparisons (see
  • Afrobarometer
    Afrobarometer began in 1999 surveying 12 countries while the fourth, and most recent, wave was conducted in 20 African countries in 2008. Users must apply to download the complete data files; however, a comprehensive online analysis option is freely available as well as summary findings and data documentation.
  • ArabBarometer
    The first phase of ArabBarometer was conducted in 2006-07 in seven countries. The second phase is planned for additional countries and, while no online analysis is available, users can view summary statistics and download datafiles from the first phase.
  • Asian Barometer
    Formerly East Asian Barometer, surveys focus on ‘citizens’ attitudes toward democracy, governance, and development’ in the East Asian region. Two waves of surveys have been conducted so far: the first wave (2001–2003) in 8 countries and the second wave (2005–2008) in 13 countries. While data files from the Asian Barometer surveys are freely available, researchers must apply for access.
  • AsiaBarometer
    AsiaBarometer has been conducted annually since 2003 to between 6 and 14 countries in East, Southeast, South, and Central Asia. The survey focus is the “daily lives of ordinary people and their relationships to family, neighborhood, workplace, social and political institutions and market place.” Users must apply to download data from this survey series; however, top-level statistics for each question (by country) can be freely viewed online.
  • European Commision (Eurobarometer)
    Established in 1973, Eurobarometer surveys are conducted two or more times a year encompassing social and political attitudes in all European Union member states. Published reports and an interactive search function are available on the European Commission Public Opinion webpage.
  • Latinobarómetro
    Latinobarómetro is an annual public opinion survey of 18 Latin American countries that began in 1995. While the most recent years’ datafiles must be purchased, some online analysis is freely available.
    (adapted from: USC Library)

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