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Government Information: Congress


The GPO (Government Printing Office) publishes the following Congressional Documents:

  • Committee Hearings - transcripts of witness testimony;  can also include supporting documentation
  • Committee Reports  - text of proposed legislation and the Committee's recommendations.
  • Committee Prints  - background material on proposed legislation prepared by the Lib. of Cong. at the request of the Committee.
  • Congressional Debates  - transcripts of  House and Senate debates on proposed legislation. Published in the Congressional Record.
  • Calendars - public announcement of a  debate
  • House and Senate Documents - reports submitted to Congress by the Executive Departments, Bureaus or Agencies.
  • Senate Executive Documents - official record of  Treaties approved by the Senate. 

Use the databases in the next box to locate copies of these documents. Please note the limitation on the coverage and content.

Bills and Public Acts can also be found in these databases.  The US Code has its own website.



    The databases below are a mix of commercial and government vendors.  Commercial databases can only be accessed by members of the Trinity community.

    Print Indexes

    Elections and Voting

    Web Sites

    Historical Legislation