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Library Instruction Sandbox

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Image Credit: Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch

Inspired by our recent instruction swap, this Trinity-centered instruction sandbox is intended to serve as a collaborative space for teaching librarians to share, borrow, and adapt lesson plans and materials for library instruction. The ultimate goal is for this sandbox to serve as a catalyst for creating a community of practice among instruction librarians. 

The sandbox is a living document that will grow and change as new materials are added and as broader societal changes and new technologies like ChatGPT push library instruction in new directions. Everyone is encouraged to add materials to the sandbox but for the sake of consistency and usability, please be sure to:

  1. Keep the format of the boxes relatively consistent (i.e., include a short description of the lesson, relevant attachments and links, the target discipline and audience, and the total time needed to execute the lesson)
  2. Not to alter the original documents but instead make a personal copy that you can then adapt to your needs or student learning outcomes